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    “What If…” and Other Pressing Questions: Employment Law Roundtable Q&A with Red Kite

    Date: December 8, 2021, 7:30am – 9:00am
    VIrtual Via Zoom
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    About this event

    This past year you have overcome challenges, adapted to changing work environments and governmental regulations, kept your sanity (for the most part), decided pajamas may not be appropriate for the workplace, and looked into your crystal ball to predict what might be coming next in the ever-changing world of employment law and HR best practices. You’ve also worked tirelessly to manage employee leaves and transitions, deescalate workplace conflicts, educate teams on changing policies, and maintain employee morale in a quasi-virtual world. We’ve all been there, and now is a good time to be there for each other.


    Despite everything the world throws at you, you still show up every day and respond to the quirky, unusual, not-so-easy employee issues that pop up and make your day that much more interesting and challenging. Perhaps you find yourself wondering, “what if…?” when strategizing about how to handle a situation, or “now what?” when new guidance is released, or maybe “can’t we just fire the unhappy people and move on?”. Maybe new employment changes are on the horizon, and you would like to start planning now for their implementation, or perhaps the COVID mandates have changed again, and you want to know what next steps look like. If you’ve got questions, Jennifer has answers!


    In this unique and highly interactive roundtable Q&A program, participants will have the opportunity to bring their most pressing and/or difficult employment-related questions to the table for discussion with the group and attorney, Jennifer Bouman-Steagall. Topics for discussion will include recent changes to employment laws or workplace regulations, if any, and those that are slated to take effect in early 2022. Participants will also be invited to share their top strategies and tips that worked for their teams in 2021 as we gear up for a better 2022. We are in this together; come join us!

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