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    December Membership Meeting- Motivating a Multi Generational Workforce

    Date: December 9, 2020, 7:30am
    Mid-Valley SHRM
    Virtual Event
    $10 -25
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    The vast age range and characteristics of the generations translate into a workforce that's increasingly diverse. In today's multigenerational and diverse workplace, employees have increasingly different motivators. There are motivational triggers that vary from person to person and generation to generation. So it's clear, one size does not fit all.

    Understanding the passions, drivers, and the “what gets me out of bed each day” for your employees is critical, because employee motivation and business results go hand in hand. Motivated employees are proven to drive business impact. Motivation is also tied directly to business outcomes. In business with highly motivated teams, profitability, sales productivity and output quality all increase.

    Motivated employees are also incredibly contagious. And we want that in our workplaces. Employees want to feel valued, and the best way to express that value is through individual investment. This program is designed to cover:

    • What really motivates employees (within each generation) and how can employers find out?

    • What is the difference between intrinsic and extrinsic motivation?

    • What makes employees want to do their best?

    • Where does employee "energy" come from and what can employers do to generate it?

    • How can making the workplace more fun actually make it more productive?

    Motivation is a key component of unlocking and achieving true potential. This program will be delivered with doses of humor. Deborah will guide attendees to practical, low-cost, high-impact answers. Come prepared to learn how you have the power to both motivate and energize your employees.

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    Presented by Deborah Jeffries of HR Answers.

    Deborah Jeffries serves as one of the Co-President for HR Answers, Inc. She has over 35 years’ experience in the human resources field (31 in consulting). As a consultant, recruiter and trainer, Deborah works with organizations on the employment processes/activities, performance management, coaching/counseling, recognition, customer service, harassment, supervision, leadership, improved communication and more.

    Deborah’s past work experience includes recruiting, training, education, sales and marketing, as well as HR in retail, restaurant, staffing, and manufacturing environments. She holds a BS in Psychology and a teaching certificate from Willamette University, and is a Certified Professional Consultant (CPC).

    She also gets to work with SHRM Chapters often once a month for monthly meetings or conferences, etc. Speaking of SHRM she has been a member since 1990 and has served on her local, state and regional Boards in a variety of positions over the last 30 years. In 2012 she was honored with the NHRMA Distinguished Member Award.

    Clients comment on her no-nonsense practical approach, her energy and her positive attitude. Deborah engages, motivates and encourages program participants toward self-improvement and self-reflection to build up their skills to become part of a team that creates great places to work. Those that know Deborah describe her as energetic with a quirky sense of humor, a passion for HR, and a contagious laugh.

    That’s the official stuff.....She also is a mom, wife, Seattle Seahawks and Mariners fan, lover of M&M’s, Mocha Frappuccino’s and arts’ and crafts. She enjoys the beach, reading books, hanging out with her kitties, eating anything chocolate, her next chance to go on a cruise and would love the opportunity to drive on the Autobahn so she can drive “fast”.