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    July Membership Meeting

    Date: July 8, 2020, 7:15am – 9:00pm
    Mid-Valley SHRM
    Trillium Family Services- Old School
    $10 members/ $25 Guest
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    Join us for the July Membership Meeting- Straddling the Legal Line between Having Fun and Staying Out of Trouble

    About this Event

    Red Kite founder and Attorney Jennifer Bouman Steagall will lead this interactive training.

    Let’s face it, work is stressful and having to work with other people can be exhausting, challenging, and frustrating. Working with the right people, however, can be fun, entertaining, engaging and inspiring. Who doesn’t like a practical joke now and then? Why isn’t it okay to banter and laugh and just enjoy life while we happen to be working? And when we all work so closely together for most of every day, who can really blame us for getting involved personally, socially, and even intimately with our coworkers. Life finds a way to play itself out wherever and whenever we engage with other people, and that includes work hours. Do you know how to set and maintain personal and professional boundaries? When is being friendly too friendly, and when do practical jokes go too far? Suitable for employees at all levels, this engaging program explores the legal line at work between having fun and staying out of trouble. Join us as we explore topics like harassment, bullying, personal relationships with coworkers, appropriate conversations for the workplace, social media, safety concerns, team building, and even casual Fridays. Let’s have some workplace appropriate fun!