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    Date: April 24, 2018
    Trillium Family Services
    4455 Northeast Highway 20
    Old School
    $99 for chapter members and $129 for non-members
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    This seminar will equip HR professionals, business owners, managers and supervisors with the knowledge and skills to effectively carry out the daily functional challenges of human resources management.

    Management employees are usually at the center of an employment lawsuit. The employment laws have little to do with common sense. When you "don’t know what you don’t know," it is difficult to avoid liability. This seminar will help you spot harassment red flags and know what to do once you become aware, build your knowledge of the web of leave laws and how they interact with each other as well as provide solutions for common employee relations challenges.


    Effective Discipline and Discharge 

    Managing Social Media in the Workplace 

    The Web of Leave Laws

    Traditional Labor Law

    Harassment in the Workplace & Conducting an Internal Investigation

    ***Lunch is included with registration.

    Please join the Barran Liebman team for this employment law overview that will help managers spot harassment red flags and identify next steps, build knowledge of the web of leave laws and how they interact with each other, as well as provide solutions for common employee relations challenges. 

    8:30-9:30: Harassment in the Workplace (Presented by Anthony Kuchulis) 

    With the rise of the #MeToo movement and an increasing frequency of harassment issues surfacing in mainstream media, it is more important than ever for employers to re-evaluate the way they train their employees on this important issue.  While traditional trainings focus on simply defining harassment and instructing employees to avoid violating the letter of the law, effective trainings focus on the role of bystanders in preventing inappropriate behavior, and in understanding the impact that harassment has on corporate culture.  This presentation will discuss how to make harassment trainings truly effective in today’s environment.   

    9:30-10:30: Conducting an Internal Workplace Investigation (Presented by Kyle Abraham) 

    In the current climate, it is more important than ever for employers to respond appropriately to complaints of misconduct.  Often, the first step is conducting an effective, error-free workplace investigation to establish a factual basis for an employer’s response.  Since effective investigations are such crucial components to an effective defense, this presentation will discuss how employers can avoid the common mistakes that frequently diminish the credibility of workplace investigations.  

    10:30-11:30: Traditional Labor (Presented by Kyle Abraham) 

    Over the past decade, there have been a lot of pro-labor decisions and rule changes, and the new NLRB will take aim at many of those decisions.  In order to not fall behind and out of compliance, this interactive session will cover recent changes and discuss practical implications & strategies for employers to utilize new labor laws throughout the rest of the 2018 year.

    11:30-12:15: Lunch 

    12:15-2:00: Leave Laws (Presented by Amy Angel) 

    With sick time law changes that recently went into effect, there have been questions and uncertainties for more complex circumstances, including how to calculate sick pay for commissioned and piece-rate workers, the limits that can be placed on accrual and use of sick time, exemptions from sick pay, and how to handle Paid Time Off policies that are used to satisfy sick time law requirements.  This presentation will address recent changes and provide clarification on a number of key leave law issues. 

    2:00-2:15: Break 

    2:15-3:00: Managing Social Media in the Workplace (Presented by Amy Angel) 

    In the wake of a number of controversial and highly publicized events across the country, many employers have been forced to evaluate their internal policies as they relate to employee conduct and free speech.  This presentation will discuss the unique challenges for employers that result from the rise of social media platforms and the contemporaneous nature by which employees share their views on controversial topics.

    3:00-4:30: Effective Discipline and Discharge (Presented by Nicole Elgin)

    Employee discipline and termination is inevitably one of the most difficult and dreaded responsibilities for managers, supervisors, and HR professionals.  However, if these necessary actions are executed effectively and with an established process, it will not only help protect your business, but create a more fair and predictable environment for employees.  This presentation will highlight many of the common mistakes managers make when taking termination or disciplinary action in the workplace.  It will also discuss a variety of best practices to set the groundwork for disciplinary or termination approaches that are consistent, proactive, and in line with the best interests of your organization as a whole.  


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