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    Transforming HR with David Blake, PhD, SPHR, Assistant Vice President of Human Resources for OSU

    Date: January 8, 2014, 7:30am – 9:00am
    Allann Bros Coffee Roasters Community Room. 1852 Fescue St. SE Albany, OR 97322.
    Please RSVP to Evelyn Madison know by Thursday, Jan. 2 by 5pm if you will be attending. Her email is
    No cost for current SHRM members or first time guests; $15 cash or check for non-SHRM members
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    The “transform into what” question is more challenging as each institution will need to decide the answer to that based on their organizational needs, and to increase customer satisfaction and efficiency.The idea in a large national or global organization was to place the customer-facing work directly in front of the customer, exactly at the point of service. Work that required consistency and compliance rested with central or corporate HR. Learn what basic tenets to make your transformation as smooth as possible.   OSU Created the HR Business Center model where the HR staff is brought out to the Departments.The Details. This new model requires our HR staffs and customers to view HR from a much different perspective. Some in HR may feel a loss of power and control that the traditional “one HR office” approach affords. “What do we want to be collectively as HR professionals? Transactional? Strategic? Somewhere in between?” I asked those same questions of many of my fellow colleagues around campus and one answer came through loud and clear — we want to speak as one voice. For me, that sums up the greatest challenge of the business center model — speaking as one HR voice, regardless of where we work. Training, training, training- regardless of all other factors, ineffective or incomplete training will send your transformation down the drain. Create a simple yet comprehensive matrix of required competencies and skills for our new business center HR staff. Metrics are a must: If you’re going to invest the time and resources into recreating your HR model, it’s imperative that you also invest the appropriate time and resources into creating ways to measure success.Recognize that moving to a new model is not an overnight process and the decision to move to a new model should be based on a business reason. And don’t automatically assume this new model will be an immediate money saver. There will be start-up costs. Also, find someone at another institution (like me!) who has undergone this type of transformation to bounce ideas off and avoid the pain of recreating their mistakes.The reality is this is not a simple exercise in organizational redesign. If you are not creating a better model, then leave the current one alone.