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    Ethics for HR

    Date: July 11, 2012, 7:30am – 9:00am
    Judy Clark, HR Answers
    Allann Bros Coffee in Albany off exit 233
    Free for Members, $15 for non members—breakfast included!
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    Whenever the organizational conversation turns to ethics, it becomes more
    challenging. Different people have different ideas about what the word means,
    let alone what ethical behavior is in a business environment. And when it
    comes to HR, that can be perceived as an entirely different set of requirements
    depending on whether we are talking about the ethical standards that HR
    Professionals must meet individually or whether we are talking about the
    ethical standards that HR wishes the organization to operate with.
    This presentation will address the seven questions that must be answered to
    fully understand the nature of ethical issues, and provide some guidance to
    making ethical decisions when confronted with challenging situations. It will
    also outline the elements of a successful ethics program within an
    The presentation will be augmented with a lively discussion about actual
    situations faced by HR professionals, which is sure to provide attendees with a
    thought-provoking experience.